Cabo Verde

Welcome to Cape Verde, Blue Marlin Paradise

The Republic of Cape Verde, is one of the most consistent blue marlin bites found in all of sport fishing. The prime blue marlin season at Cape Verde lies between March and August. Other game fish, such as big yellowfin tuna and bigeye tuna, make regular appearances , There’s no consistency in the sizes of blues. One hook-up might be on a 300-pounder and the next a solid 900 or even a grander. You can use stand up tackle to fight these blues, but if the seas get rough or you hook an exceptionally large one, fighting chairs is ready!!...

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Sheltered by the island of Santo Antão, with 227 km2 for 65 000 inhabitants, São Vicente represents the culture in general and is the most cosmopolitan island of the country.
The Mindelo bay has just been classified as one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Mindelo fascinates by the beauty of the colonial houses, the Lisbon street (rua de Lisboa) with its typical bars, the municipal market with its exotic scents, the palace of the governor, the museum of the craft industry, and finally by the charm and the kindness of the inhabitants, result of a great mixture in all latitudes.
Mindelo is the seat of poets and musicians. The music, the dance and the gastronomy are a perfect mixture in the nights of Mindelo where the day and the night are confused under a charming crying guitar, under the sound of a violin or under a melodic and captivating voice.
Let us not forget the famous carnival in February, which fills the streets with people from different origins and the emigrants of different countries. We should also not forget the worldwide known music festival of Baía das Gatas which takes place every year in August, and the international theater festival in September, the Mindelact.
Then... Mindelo is probably the best place to go in Cape Verde: booming city in a booming country. A new marina with over 150 berths just opened and others are projected.
If you can, don't lose the opportunity to discover the very next island of Santo Antão and its mountains and large green valleys. You'll be crazy about the panoramic views, there not so many places like this one in the world...