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2017, JULY 23TH
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Pieter Nel aboard Nha Cretcheu with Ryan Williamson, Sammy and Ja

At the northwest bank, 2 caught marlins (700lbs and 200lbs)

2017, JULY 17TH (2)
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The Ferte family from Saint Malo in France (Dad and two sons) aboard the Dimeu with Steve Webb, Sammy Yongo and Ja

1st day: 17/07, direction Santo Antão, nothing

2nd day: on the NW bank, 2 marlins caught (750lbs and 450 lbs)

3rd day: caught a grander (more than 1000lbs) lost (dead) after 4 hours and a half of good fighting, Lionel Ferte and the crew are obviously very disappointed

4th day: 2 marlins caught and a yellow tuna of 80 kgs

5th day: on the return in the canal, 1 marlin caught (300lbs)

6th day: always in the canal, 1 marlin (150lbs) and a tuna (80 kgs).

The customers left Cape Verde happy, they will come back next year.

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2017, JULY 17TH
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TEAM CLEAVER aboard the Cretcheu with Stuart Simpson and Ryan Williamson

1st day: 17/07, direction Santo Antão, 1 marlin fished (600 lbs)

2nd day: Monte Trigo, 1 marlin caught (750lbs), then around noon 1 huge 971lbs marlin deposited ashore (2 hours and a half fighting, the fisherman is 17 years old!).

3rd day: 4 contacts, 3 marlins caught (250lbs / 450lbs / 600lbs)

4th day: 2 contacts, no fished

5th day: on the return of Santo Antão, 1 marlin caught (400lbs) at North of São Vicente

The guests are delighted, they have booked 10 days of fishing for 2018.

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2017, JULY 5TH
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Aboard the Dimeu with Ahmed Didi and Steve Webb as skipper

1st day, Tuesday 5th July: in São Pedro, nothing

2nd day: 2 yellow tuna (yellowfine)

3rd day: 1 blue marlin caught (300lbs), direction Santo Antão 1 super grander Blue Marlin 907 lbs and a shark hammer 140kgs.

4th day: to the northwest, 1 marlin caught (300lbs), 1 wahoo, 2 yellowfine

5th day: back to São Vicente, 1 sailfish 60lbs and 3 small yellowfine

6th day: in São Pedro, 2 yellowfine (85 kgs), 1 sailfish, 1 wahoo

The customer left happy with his beak of blue marlin (that of 907 lbs)

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2017, JULY 1ST
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Bruno Plainfossé on the Pace 40' with Steve Webb as skipper, Sammy Yongo and Ja are the sailors

1st day, July 1st, in São Pedro, 5 contacts, 1 marlin caught in the pitch and 1 in the lure

2nd day: nothing

3rd day: 2 contacts, 1 marlin caught

4th day: 2 contacts including 1 of 600 pounds not hung, 1 small marlin caught

On 4 days, 4 marlins caught, but not the bigger for the World Marlin Cup, it's sad...

2017, JUNE 26TH
Posted 15/07/2017 | Read 6193 times

It was James Allan's turn to take his place on the Bertram 33' with Stuart Simpson as skipper and Ryan Williamson as liner.

1st day, 26th June: in São Pedro seen 4, 1 fished (600 lbs)

2nd day: 1 fished, second broken line

3rd day: broken line, nothing

4th day: 1 fished

5th day: 1 fished (small, 140 lbs)

2017, JUNE 19TH
Posted 15/07/2017 | Read 6192 times


We welcome the Van Niekerk team on the 33' Bertram with Stuart Simpson as skipper and Ryan Williamson as liner.

1st day, June 19: direction São Nicolau, no contact

2nd day: Banc São Nicolau, 2 contacts, no caught

3rd day: 1 contact

4th day: 2 strikes, 2 fished

5th day: 5 contacts, 1 caught in São Pedro (500 lbs)

6th day: still in São Pedro, a blue marlin caught (800 lbs)

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