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Guy Jacobsen and his wife, their skipper and two sailors. A fisherman from New Zealand, they rented the boat for 20 days, non-stop. Thin fishing rods 12 to 30 lbs, fishing line 2 lbs, 6 lbs, 8 lbs and 12 lbs. Very difficult fishing, search for a record, many contacts but unfortunately all the times, the line breaks, many manoeuvre with the boat, difficult to follow the fish. 11 to 12 hours of fishing. Our Bertram did not have the chance to make a record. Total 31 contacts, in one 3 hours long fight.

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Jonathan Redding and his wife, David Redding and his wife, and Graham Bouch, 5 very good English fishermen in the boat Pace. 10 marlins caught/released (all fishes around 150 to 250 kgs) 19 contacts.
Lures: blue and yellow, green and black, pink and black.

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NORMIC group (Italy), the boss Michele Nodari, Claudio Camera, Sergio Tommasis, Saverio Bersanetti, Festa Leonardo, etc….
Bertram 33: 19 to May 24, 10 contacts; on 19/05 1 marlin 200 kgs, on 20/05 1 marlin 220 kgs, nothing on 21/05, on 22/05 1 marlin 350 kgs, on 23/05 both marlins taken down, on 24/05 2 marlins, 120 kgs and 180 kgs.
Pace 40: 19 to May 24, 7 marlins caught/released, 9 contacts.
Lures: blue/silver, pink and black, green and black.

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The material we have: reels SHIMANO and ALUTECNOS 80/130 lbs with 130 lbs line, rods ALUTECNOS 80 lbs.

We lately bought electric reels KRISTAL FISHING XL 930 PRO to search the fish in deep seas from 150 to 500 meters, and also two electric reels MIYA CX-6 special for JIG.

Then for the amateurs of deep fishing, JIGGING, for beautiful amberjack, grouper, coryphene, blue runner, etc.

And of course for the great fishing with the blue marlin !

ON MAY 18, 2009
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Bertam 33 NHA CRETCHEU: 61 marlins

Pace 40 DIMEU: 78 marlins 

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At the same period with Pace, an English fisherman Mike Cowell, fished 12 marlins in 4 days for 20 contacts, of which the last day on May 18, 6 marlins fish-released. Specialist in big game fishing, he was very satisfied.

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Then we have the team of Pacific Pêche, it is the second year that they come, the bosses of Pacific and two friends, 9 marlins fished - releases in 5 days. Very good fishermen, they came with their material, reels, rods, and lures, all in stand-up, cheers. 

MAY 2009
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Mr Mancousu, Italian, first day 5 contacts, fished 4 marlins, the 4 days remainder 12 contacts, 5 fished. An average between 130 and 220 kgs.

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