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It is the arrival of Stefan Kreupl on April 29 (very good German fisherman, you can visit his website www.bluewaterfishing.eu), he holds a record in Rodrigues on 2007 with the skipper Yann Colas for a blue marlin of 561 kgs out of 80 lbs in stand-up. He fishes with us during 15 days, 5 days with Bertram with 9 contacts and 5 marlins, and then 10 days with Pace with 27 contacts and 19 marlins fished of which one of 270 kgs death after 3 hours to get it up.

He had one extraordinary day during his stay in Sao Nicolau with 11 contacts and and 7 marlins fished-released, and the day before a yellowfin of 95 kgs. Stefan comes to fish every year since 2002, and he will be again among us next year.

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Two days of fishing with Bertram, for Thierry Naboulet and Stéphane, 6 contacts and 4 marlins fish-released, good fishermen specialist in big game fishing. I hope that they will return. 

During this same time with the Bertram 33, we had Dustin Foo, very crazy for the fishing, with his own m material, line and lures, he wants to prepare the bottom line, adjust the reels, and during 5 fishing days, he made 10 contacts and caught 6 marlins. He booked again for September.

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Our friend Fouad Sahiaoui, with several records with the fly on black marlin, white marlin, striped marlin, but not blue marlin returned for fifteen days, from April 18 to May 3, to try to make a record in Cape Verde (he had made the same experience in 2006, but no results). There was much continuation of marlin on the teasers, much of breakage, which once after two hours of combat on a marlin of 200 kgs, they brought the marlin to the boat, then blunders the fish, but this one still full with energy, it set out again with the blunder, the line broke. The last day one marlin of approximately 140 kgs held the fisherman in breath during 5 hours fight, Fouad losts this fish, sad and very tired, but he wants to try again, it is a challenge for him, and he booked again the Pace 40 for a new test in August 2009.

At the same period, with the Bertram 33, the Belgian fishermen M.Fourmanoir Robert and M.Henno Jean Marie took 4 marlins in 5 days, including 1 died of 225 kgs, good fishermen. 

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The season began on March 8 with Mr. PROT (FishMania), the first day we leave to the island Sao Nicolau, but unfortunately not a fish, and it is after two days while returning on Sao Pedro (Southern Bench of Sao Vicente), that we make two marlins approximately 160 kgs on the 10 of April.

The following day again nothing, no contact, we leave then directly to Santo Antão North-West bench and no marlins, but much of wahoo, the following day same spot of the wahoos including one beautiful of 42 kgs, the last day on March 12 in Sao Pedro another marlin of 200kgs, the customers were satisfied with their first stay in the Cap Verde. They will return. 

The next fishermen arrived on March 18, the marlins were there, Bertram 33 and Pace 40 fish approximately the same thing, and we took in Sao Pedro 1 to 3 marlins/day of an average of 200 kgs.

Our fisherman accustomed to come on our premises twice a year during 8 days, Walter Burkhard, who fishes with the Pace, took on March 24 on a line of 80 lbs a big marlin of 400 kgs which came to the boat and was released after 50 mn fight. But despite everything, Walter decides to go few days to Sao Nicolau, to carry out a test.

The first day of crossing, we have 2 contacts with a marlin caught, the second day on the Southern bench of Tarrafal, we have 9 contacts and we take 4 marlins, small ones of an average of 150 kgs (one day of madness), the third day a contact early in the morning, the marlin are brought to the boat, released and then nothing more during the day, the following day on March 24 we turn over on Sao Vicente and make 2 contacts and two marlins, including one beautiful of 350 kgs. 

English customers followed at the beginning of April Greg Bennett and Tom Collins respectively on Pace and Bertram, the first 14 contacts and 8 marlins fished and the second 16 contacts and 10 marlins fished. 

Then the team of Patrice Garziglia arrived (ship-owner of the sporting fishing boat PAPEETE 2 in Beaulieu/mer in France), with 6 fishermen friends, for an assessment of 25 contacts, including 10 fished and released, including two of 300 kgs, satisfied customers. 

MARCH 2009
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Originally from Senegal, Sambou joins us : our new skipper has a 35 years carreer, he will run our Bertram Cretcheu.

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Here come the statistics: 176 marlins for the Pace 40' Dimeu and 180 for the Bertram 33' Nha Cretcheu, from april to september'08.

MAY 2008
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We'll remember the may 12th and the ten marlins caught with the Bertram 33 (Calu) and the eight marlins caught with the Pace'40 (Didier).

APRIL 2008
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Congratulations to Guy Goulpeau, he fought and won! Look at a wonderful and exceptional striped marlin (Tetrapturus audax)...

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